Commercial Air Conditioning

We have a feeling that climate control is an extremely important part of your business or you probably wouldn’t be on this page right now.

Through many years of experience Gordon’s Air Conditioning & Refrigeration understand and have witnessed first hand what it means for a business to have proper and cost effective climate control when it comes to their commercial air conditioning.

Due to that need in the market, we’ve made sure that we have on offer only the very best products for commercial air conditioning and we will help you choose the right one for your business.

Commercial Air Conditioning Products

  • Variable Refrigerant Volume Multi Systems
  • Package Systems
  • Ducted Systems
  • Split systems
  • Cassette Units
  • Under Ceiling Units
  • Concealed Bulk Head Units

Each unit and design has their own benefits that will assist your business from individual climate control in different areas of your building to being able to specify the exact quantity of filtered fresh air for your customers and staff.

Ultimately choosing the right commercial air conditioning product for your business will all depend on what your business truly requires.

Get in contact with Gordon’s Air Conditioning & Refrigeration today to discuss how we can ensure your business is running at the right temperature all year round with the most cost effective unit for your business.


We continue to help homeowners, landlords, renters; as well as your small business owners such as cafes, fruit shops and bottle shops, all the way up to your larger pubs, clubs and restaurants with their air conditioner and refrigeration needs.

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