Commercial Refrigeration

Have you ever had stock go off before its time or had to cease trading for a couple days because you refrigeration had issues? These are situations that no one in business ever wants to go through because a day without trade, is a day without income.

No matter if you’re a butcher, fresh food wholesaler or a bottle shop in Sydney – Gordon’s Air Conditioning & Refrigeration understands what it takes to keep your business running and is here to help at a moments notice.

We specialize in the following commercial refrigeration services:

Cool Rooms

Gordon’s can build and service all cool rooms throughout Sydney of any size.

If you’re opening a new pub, club or even a Deli – we can assist in ensuring your business runs “cool” from day one.

Freezer Rooms

If your business requires a room that little bit colder, we can assist in the supply and installation of your businesses new Freezer room.

With our many years of experience you can feel safe knowing your precious stock will not spoil before it’s time and your business will continue to run well.

Blast Chillers

Lastly if you’re in need of getting your products much colder, much faster – Gordon’s Air Conditioning & Refrigeration will always recommend looking into the commercial blast chillers as your ideal option.

Gordon’s Air Conditioning & Refrigeration will assist with all your design, installation and servicing needs across all commercial refrigeration so you can rest easy knowing your business is in capable hands.

At the end of the day we believe being able to maintain your businesses products integrity is always the number one focus and Gordon’s Air Conditioning & Refrigeration will always work with your business to ensure this is possible.

Get in-touch with Gordon’s Air Conditioning & Refrigeration to learn more about how we can help your business run more efficiently today!


We continue to help homeowners, landlords, renters; as well as your small business owners such as cafes, fruit shops and bottle shops, all the way up to your larger pubs, clubs and restaurants with their air conditioner and refrigeration needs.

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