When it comes to designing a home, the services of an architect will always be utilized and when you’re designing a brand new outdoor area, we feel relatively confident you may just enlist the services of an experienced Landscaper.

Air conditioning and refrigeration services are no exception to the rule.

Gordon’s Air Conditioning & Refrigeration are experienced designers of choosing the best air conditioning & refrigeration set-ups for your home or business.

The team here at Gordon’s will work with you through every step along the way to explain why we recommend the options that we do so we can work together to create the most effective and energy efficient set-up.

Everyone’s situation and most effective set-up will differ and to help decide what is right for you, start talking to the friendly and experienced team at Gordon’s Air Conditioning & Refrigeration today.


We continue to help homeowners, landlords, renters; as well as your small business owners such as cafes, fruit shops and bottle shops, all the way up to your larger pubs, clubs and restaurants with their air conditioner and refrigeration needs.

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