Residential Air Conditioning

Have you ever walked into a friend or families house and thought wow, this house is just perfect in every way, I wish this were my house.
It all starts with perfect climate control.
Living in Australia is something that our clients and we know is something to be extremely grateful for but unfortunately the weather fluctuates all year round and can leave your house extremely cold or extremely hot – not ideal, especially when you’re trying to sleep.

When you’re dealing with the latter, that’s when you will need to enquire about the services Gordon’s Air Conditioning & Refrigeration has on offer for all your residential air conditioning needs to solve your climate control problem today.

Residential Air Conditioning Products

Split Systems

Split systems are a very common solution for our clients looking for a cost effective way to cool or heat their homes room by room thanks to their ability to reverse cycle.

The perfect cooling system that can blend into any room décor if positioned correctly as well as being extremely quiet to operate and easy to service – a crowd favourite.

Multi Head Systems

Multi Head Systems are a unique and cost effective way to air condition your family home. Multi head systems work by allowing individual control of the climate in each room of your home. 

This means you will have complete control of how each room should feel upon entering if other family members have different preferences; as well as being able to only cool the rooms you need too and that will save you money on running costs.

Ducted Systems

Similar to multi head systems, Gordon’s Air Conditioning & Refrigeration offers ducted systems that will have individual vents placed throughout your home allowing perfect climate control all year round.

Our ducted air systems can also be installed in two or more zones which similar to multi head systems, allow the ability to choose where you wish to focus your climate control at different times of the day and save you money on your bills.

Inverter Air Conditioning

The final option Gordon’s Air Conditioning & Refrigeration offers for your residential air conditioning needs are Inverter Air Conditioners.

Rather than working like the previous units which operate at fixed speeds and with a fixed amount of cooling and heating coming out of the unit by stopping and starting to maintain the temperature – Inverters work in a much more technical manner.

An inverter works similar to the accelerator of a car and will subtly decrease or increase the power.

This allows the inverter to achieve ideal temperature much more efficiently and without massive fluctuations and this makes them on average 40% cheaper to run.

Talk to Gordon’s Air Conditioning & Refrigeration today to decide which residential air conditioning unit will work best for you.

Gordons Air Back to Back Installations include:

  • Outdoor compressor unit which is positioned on a concrete slab, pvc mounting blocks or rubber feet.
  • 3 Meters of piping suitable for refrigeration and interconnecting cable.
  • Duct cover up to 2.4 metres in length.
  • Does not include meter board upgrades (quoted seperately)

Other costs may include:

  • Installation of a new power supply circuit (up to 15 mtrs)
  • Electrical cables over 15mtrs
  • Pipeing over 3mtrs
  • Disconnection of an existing air conditioneer system
  • Free disposal of system if requested.
  • Wall fitting brackets
  • Roof fitting brackets
  • If double brick wall
  • If on a second storey
  • If a steel beam is encountered during installation where drilling is required, additional costs will incur.
  • Condensate pumps are quoted separately.


We continue to help homeowners, landlords, renters; as well as your small business owners such as cafes, fruit shops and bottle shops, all the way up to your larger pubs, clubs and restaurants with their air conditioner and refrigeration needs.

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