Air conditioning and refrigeration units similar to cars and trucks have the need to be regularly serviced and maintained. Just like your vehicles will benefit from a regular service to maintain optimum fuel usage and safety, a regular service for your air conditioning or refrigeration unit will ensure the best efficiency on your energy usage as well ensuring no minor problems grow later on.

This is why Gordon's Air Conditioning and Refrigeration are always a phone call away when it comes to servicing your units.

But Why Service Your Air Conditioner?

As discussed, your air conditioner will benefit from a regular service and this is why. In as short a period of 12 months, the efficiency of your air conditioners usage could reduce by up to 50% as well as cause health hazards that could effect your home or workplace.

An un-serviced system means:

  • Increased Power Consumption
  • Loss of Cooling and Heating Capacity
  • Reduction in the Life of Your Air Conditioner
  • Increased Chance of Your System Failing
  • Increased Possibility of Air Contamination and Health Issues 

Preventative Maintenance

We also completely believe in the need to undertake preventative maintenance on all units over time. Having our expert staff performing annual inspections on your air conditioning and refrigeration equipment throughout Sydney will ensure that the risk of needing a serious service or repair later on will be lessened and save you money in the long run.

Get in-touch with Gordon’s Air Conditioning and Refrigeration today to book in your unit’s next service or annual inspection and keep your business or family home perfectly cooled.


We continue to help homeowners, landlords, renters; as well as your small business owners such as cafes, fruit shops and bottle shops, all the way up to your larger pubs, clubs and restaurants with their air conditioner and refrigeration needs.

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